Incidents on the railway level crossings account for less than 1 percent of all communication accidents, which doesn’t relieve us from efforts in limiting them to zero. Behind every accident there is a human tragedy. For us every bump, collision or a person hit by a car is not just another number added to the statistics, but  somebody’s drama. Every such accident results in material losses and involves rescue services. According to the data from recent years, there are ca. 200 accidents a year, in which dozens of people lose their lives. It is too many. That’s why it is crucial to constantly educate every single traffic participant.

Women’s voice of reason

When something tempts us to act recklessly, it is crucial for our voice of reason to speak up and bring us back to the right path. People taking care of safety and right behavior in the course of our lives are mostly women: moms, wives, sisters, grandmas or aunts. That’s why we’ve decided to make them our Ambassadors of Safety. Their wisdom and responsibility save people’s lives. When we hear “Honey, slow down before the crossing” or “Son, don’t play on the tracks”, we sometimes don’t realize that in these moments we receive the most beautiful gift anyone can possibly give us. A little bit of reason, protecting us from making a cardinal mistake, the results of which cannot be reversed. The Ambassadors of Safety appear in our educational materials, teaching whole family safety rules on the tracks. In TV spots, their words reach the audience’s hearts and minds – encouraging to act rationally on the railway level crossings and passages. They are not only the faces, but more importantly, the voices of reason, which spread the idea of the “Safe railway level crossing” campaign. Anyone can become the Ambassador of Safety. Just learn the rules of safe behavior in the railway areas and follow them alongside with your friends and family. Our dream is Poland full of Ambassadors of Safety, where the wise women teach their loved ones responsibility from Hel Peninsula to the Tatra Mountains. A country, where the voice of reason is stronger than the recklessness and rush. We ask you to build it together with us!

Our goals

Many people still believe that the red light before the railroad crossing is just a warning and not a strict prohibition of entering the railway tracks. There are some who think that slalom driving between the closed railway level crossing gates is a sign of flair and a time-saving method, and not a case of extreme stupidity and playing with fire. A speeding train can have a braking distance equivalent up to the length of 13 soccer fields. The weight difference between the cargo train and a car is just like the one between a vehicle and a can. Every mistake on the railway tracks can be irreversible, because the train driver has no chance of stopping the trains in just a few seconds. That is why we carry out our “Safe railway level crossing” campaign. Its main objectives consist in:

  • Raising awareness about the threats arising from carelessness on the railway level crossings and railway areas
  • Drawing the attention towards the significance of being extremely cautious and complying with the traffic regulations
  • Minimalizing the number of life-threatening events on the railway level crossings and railway areas
  • Shaping socially-desired behaviors and attitudes